Miss Moscow's lawyer reveals the truth of her divorce from the former King of Malaysia

Miss Moscow's lawyer reveals the truth of her divorce from the former King of Malaysia

Russian Miss Yevgeny Tarlow said Moscow's Miss Moscow in 2015, Oksana Vojvodina, who married the former king of Malaysia, Mohammed V, was inseparable from him.

The Russian lawyer told the newspaper "Izvestia" Russian, that there is no summons from the court to Vojvodina about her divorce, did not receive anything official from her husband, indicating that the news of her divorce may be a conspiracy of someone.

"There are a lot of people who feel the marriage of the queen of beauty from the king, they had a wonderful marriage, a beautiful wedding and a beautiful child," he said.

Counsel stated that Miss Moscow had never contacted him in relation to the divorce case, at least in order to know the rights and duties of her child in Malaysia.

The lawyer noted that Oksana Vojvodina gave birth to a child on May 21 in Moscow, pointing out that the child is perfectly healthy, and Oksana does not want to participate in any media events.

Earlier, the New Straits Times reported that the couple had applied for divorce in a Singapore court on July 1, and it was noted that the divorce documents had been brought to court on June 22.

Source: Izvestia


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