Miss Algeria Khadija Ben Hamou responds to "racist abuse"

Al-Arab Al-Youm - Miss Algeria Khadija Ben Hamou responds to "racist abuse"

Khadija Ben Hamou, Miss Algeria of 2019, has responded to the racial insults she has received since her participation in the competition.
The newspaper "The Independent" British that Ben Hamo is the second woman with dark skin, crowned being Miss Algeria on January 5 this month, and the first winner was Nasima Makadem, in 2005.

Racist comments have flooded Ben Hamou since her victory, from online devotees, who insulted her skin color and face, but responded to these derogatory comments, expressing pride in her sense of identity.

"I will not back down because of the people who criticized me. I am honored to have achieved my dream, and I was honored by the state of Adrar, where I came from," Ben Hammou told the Algerian news agency TSA.
Ben Hamou came from Adrar, Algeria's second largest state, and is located around the Sahara, an agricultural region.

"The Miss Algeria Foundation deeply regrets the racist behavior and racist comments of many people," said the Miss Algeria Foundation, which runs the contest, rejecting the racist whirlwind that Ben Hammou faced. "This beautiful woman is Khadija Ben Hamou, who was chosen Miss Algeria for 2019, but sadly, some Twitter users from the Arabs attack her and insult her because of her color. Khadija, you are wonderful, let 's show her some love.
Ben Hammou will go to represent Miss Algeria in Miss World 2019.

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