"Microsoft" avoid millions of computers the risk of penetration

"Microsoft" avoid millions of computers the risk of penetration

Microsoft has sent computer software updates to older Windows systems to protect them from attacks similar to the famous WannaCry attacks.

Microsoft has advised users of Windows-7, Windows-xp, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008 R2, and Windows Server 2008, which previously had been previously supported by e-mail updates. Recently, as it will enhance the security of operating system software in their computers.

She explained that the updates will be automatically borne by users of those systems when connecting their devices to the Internet, except for users of the systems, "Windows-xp," who have to download updates manually, through the list of Microsoft updates.

Through these updates, Microsoft has also fixed a software vulnerability in Remote Desktop Services [Remote Desktop Services].

It should be noted that the attacks "WannaCry"Microsoft fears it will reappear widely in 2017, causing the penetration of hundreds of thousands of computers belonging to many public bodies such as hospitals, schools and government institutions in more than 150 countries until a young programmer named Marcus Hutchins managed to control it, And save the world from its dangers.

Source: Agencies


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