Methods of transmission of alopecia infection

Ways of transmission of alopecia areata Methods of transmission of alopecia infection

Alopecia is an autoimmune disease, meaning that your immunity no longer recognizes hair follicles as a normal organ of the body, but as an enemy that must be fought and therefore attacked, but not deadly, that is, it can be restored. Again after treatment, a skin disease affects a certain piece of skin in the human scalp.

Alopecia often affects the scalp, so hair falls out of it to become bald.It is also called a bald spot, but it is quite different from normal hair loss, which has other pathological causes.There is more information about the methods of transmission of alopecia infection. Cultural.

Methods of transmission of alopecia infection

Alopecia Areata or alopecia is a common hair loss disease in people under the age of 20, but children and adults can be infected at any age.It is worth noting that both women and men suffer from it, especially when they mistakenly attack the immune system and hair follicles Hair growth begins, as the vesicles are damaged but not permanently.

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Symptoms and signs of alopecia areata on the body

  • Symptoms of alopecia on the nails

The condition of the nails can get worse and become very weak, break very quickly, or become white spots and small white lines and lose their beauty and luster.

  • Signs of alopecia on the hair

Hair is lost in certain areas of the scalp, and is in the form of a complete fall of the masses may be from all parts first but will be confined to a certain spot of the scalp, beard, eyebrows, eyelashes, and there is a risk of complete baldness if the problem is not addressed but we solve it It can be simple, and it is noticeable in these patches is the presence of short hairs on the edges or inside, and may be painful precipitation or show some redness in the skin.

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Is alopecia areata contagious or not ..?

Certainly, alopecia areata is not contagious in any way that diseases can be transmitted by approaching, using the same tools, or even intimacy, because basically as we mentioned of autoimmune diseases, that is, it is related to the health of the individual itself and not the environment, in all Consult your doctor as soon as possible to confirm the diagnosis.

Causes of alopecia areata and its complications

  • Immune factor

The disease appears in those who suffer from other immune diseases such as allergic rhinitis, asthma, and skin sensitivity, in a higher rate where the body is more vulnerable to immune diseases than other healthy bodies.

  • Psychological factor

This is one of the most important causes of alopecia, where hair loss begins after a painful psychological situation experienced by the human, or psychological frustration resulting from the loss of a loved one or failure in an important project or a lot of trauma and nervous tension.

  • Genetic factors

Genetics can play a major role in alopecia areata, or genetic chromosomal abnormalities.

Forms of alopecia areata

Macular (macular):

This type of baldness is in the form of one or more coins the size of a coin, usually round or oval spots that appear on the scalp or anywhere in the body where the hair grows.This type may turn into another wider type, but is likely to remain same shape.

Persistent alopecia:

They are hair loss in the scalp and are in the form of patches.

Total alopecia of the head:

Is the loss and loss of hair completely in the scalp.


It is a complete loss of hair in the scalp and face, such as eyelashes and eyebrows, as well as hair loss in the rest of the body, including pubic hair.

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Treatment of alopecia areata

There are many recipes that can be used to treat baldness, including

  • A mixture of garlic and onions

Where garlic is mixed with onions and rubbed by the skin and rinse thoroughly, and we will notice hair growth after a period of repetition.

  • Honey

Natural honey can be used to treat alopecia and regrow hair by drinking it with water in the morning and evening before bed.

  • Onion juice

Contains a high amount of sulfur, so it has the ability to combat damage from free radicals It should be noted that onions work to increase hair growth in bald spots caused by baldness, in addition to it improves blood circulation in the scalp, and to resist any infection that may cause falling To prepare the hair follow the following steps: crush the onions to extract the juice from it, apply the onion juice on the scalp, leave it for 15 minutes, wash the scalp with shampoo and warm water.

  • Lavender oil

Several studies have shown that the combination of essential oils containing lavender oil strengthens hair follicles and stimulates hair growth, and is used in combination with almond oil or coconut oil, then applied to the hair.

  • Rosemary oil

It is an essential oil used to treat hair loss, has the effect of stimulating hair growth, but garlic oil but did not cause itchy scalp as did medical medicine, it is used by applying the following steps: Mix rosemary oil with other oil such as almond oil. Put the mixture on the scalp and massage, it should be noted that this can be done in another way to boil rosemary leaves with water, then leave the mixture aside to cool, then wash the hair.

This was a brief summary of Ways of transmission of alopecia areataThis disease is very common among many people, it is a skin disease, and alopecia is an organic disease associated with the immune system, which is similar to some common skin diseases such as psoriasis or typhoid.


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