Method of fried potatoes and stuffed with minced meat

Method of fried potatoes and stuffed with minced meat

Fried potato balls are appetizers that you can easily prepare for when you are looking for a side dish for your guests at the banquet, or if you are a working woman and want to make a quick and easy recipe for your children. Learn how fried potato balls are stuffed with minced meat and tell us the reactions of those around you.

Potato Balls:

4 medium-sized potatoes

Minced meat

Salt and Pepper

Hot sauce

2 tbsp vegetable oil

frying oil


an egg

How potato balls work with chopped meat:

1. Start by washing and cleaning the potatoes well and then clean them and leave them on fire to make sure they are fully mature.

2 – Take it out of the water and let it cool a little and then peel and sprinkle well.

Add the vegetable oil, salt and pepper to suit the amount of potatoes, then a small amount of water and a large spoon with crushed and hearted crusts. You can add a little parsley to give it a better flavor.

4 – Now shape the potato puree in the form of balls oval shape with a deep hole in the middle of each ball to place minced meat.

5. After placing the minced meat, re-seal the balls with your hand. Repeat until you finish the amount of mashed potatoes.

6. In a small bowl, break the egg and add a few black pepper and then let it fall.

7 – Dip the potato balls in the eggs and then cover them with the biscuits and leave them aside until the oil is heated.

8 – Put the oil on the fire and once he warmed the balls of potato balls and hearts from time to time until it becomes a golden color and then take it out.

9. Serve with ketchup or any sauce of your choice.

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