Messi Iranian draws 20 admiringly cunning!

messi iranian draws 20 admiringly cunning!

It's normal for a lot of people to use you when you act kindly with them, but what is abnormal and illogical is to get used to someone you have never heard of before.

This is the case with Argentine Lionel Messi, who was manipulated in an ingenious way by an Iranian young man like him.

The channel "Insolite TV" revealed that an Iranian young man named Reza Priest, took great likeness to the Argentine star Messi, the scorer of Barcelona, ​​to exploit more than 20 girl sex.

She explained that Prstch managed to lure more than 20 women to his bed after he was accused of being the real Messi.

The channel pointed out that 23 victims have already filed a lawsuit against "fake macy" after it became clear.

The Iranian "Messi" gained popularity in the year 2017 after the spread of his pictures highlights the great resemblance to the Argentine star, so that some found it difficult to differentiate between him and Messi real.

He was embarrassed by the late Messi of Iran in late 2017. He almost entered the prison for his resemblance to Macy, and was accused of disrupting the public order caused by the gathering of people around him to take pictures with him.


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