"Mercedes" launches the whole new model of "GL"

Mercedes has recently reviewed the new GLB model, making it one of the best family crossovers in the world.

The new GLB was built on the MFA platform and came with a design combining Mercedes-Benz A-Class and GLA design in the last two years.

The new car features a stylish front-end grille, attractive LEDs and high-speed chassis, a 7-passenger interior cabin with state-of-the-art multimedia systems, two screens, one in the middle of the steering wheel and one directly opposite the driver.

"Mercedes" launches the whole new model of "GL"

The vehicle is equipped with vision systems that work with cameras that monitor their entire surroundings, and distance sensors to prevent collisions with other objects on the roads, as well as GPS systems, electronic systems to control speed and prevent skidding on turns and roads covered with sand or snow.

It is expected to introduce several petrol and diesel engine models, with a torque of 150 and 224 horsepower, and 8-speed automatic gearboxes.

Source: Izvestia

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