Megan Marckel draws attention to her special highlights during a tour with Harry

The Arabs Today - Megan Markle draws attention to her distinctive highlights during a tour with Harry

Duchess Sussex, Megan Markle, The attention to its distinctive features, during a tour with Prince Harry to several countries, but the view in "Fiji" was more attractive, according to the magazine "El French.

Since her recent arrival, Megan has appeared to Fiji with a delicate white dress from Zimmerman and an elegant Stephen Jones hat, while Prince Harry wore a distinctive suit.

In the evening, Megan, who has become more visible, is dressed in a beautiful "blue" blue cap during the official dinner, hosted by the President of Fiji.

Although Megan did not wear the crown, the Cape gave a royal touch, so elegant to look at, that she completed with elegant earrings from Diamond, Which combines several simple colors, reflecting the beauty of the dress, and chose a bright simple mascara, soft wipes and soft, to complete its appearance.

The duke and Duchess Sussex began the second part of their tour, arriving in Fiji in Oceania. The tour will also include visits to Tonga and New Zealand before returning to Sydney to attend the end of the 2018 Invictus Games.


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