"McLaren" British reveal its new car, "Speed ​​Tail"

Al-Arab Al-Youm - "McLaren" reveals its new car, "Speed ​​Tail"

The British company "McLaren" Friday, revealed the car, "Speed ​​Tail" superhero, which can travel as fast as 402 kilometers per hour.

According to Bloomberg, the luxury three-seater car, topped with a gold logo, will not be available for delivery until 2020, and the cost of the McLaren-F-inspired car is $ 2.3 million. The company will produce only 106 copies The advertised style.

According to the company spokeswoman, the 100 and six cars have been fully sold on pre-orders, so there are no additional vehicles available for those who want to experience this unique driving experience, and the luxury car, which allows smooth driver driving according to the company, moving from sleep to a speed of 186 miles In just 12.8 seconds

SpeedTil operates a hybrid system that combines a petrol and an electric motor with a power of 987 horsepower. The British premium car company competes with other companies in the market such as Lamborghini,Ferrari"Note that"McLaren"Only about 3,500 cars are sold per year.


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