Maybe the moon .. Detect a new kind of potential space objects!

Maybe the moon .. Detect a new kind of potential space objects!

Astronomers have discovered an attractive name for a new type of space object that they seek in the welcoming universe, a ploonets.

To date, there is no evidence that ploonets are already present in the universe, but computer simulations indicate that their formation is an option.

Researchers at the University of Antioquia of Colombia made the allegations in an article published in the monthly magazine of the Royal Astronomical Society.

– What are the ploonets?

These objects (potentially) begin with a planet outside the solar system "hot buyer": a giant gas giant orbiting near its star. Astronomers doubt that the "hot buyer" objects were not born close to their star.

Instead, they may have migrated inland from a very distant orbit. If these space objects have moons, they will be subject to the massive gravitational forces of the planet and the star.

As the "warm Jupiter" planet moves toward the star, the Moon's orbit gains additional energy. This would push the moon away from the planet, leading eventually to escape from its orbit altogether.

These newly liberated satellites begin to rotate around the host star and become virtually indistinguishable from a typical planet.

Scientists have called these new objects the name of ploonets, and complain that they are abundantly available.

"This process must occur in every planetary system made up of a giant planet in very close orbit, so ploonets must be very common," said Mario Socerquia, an astrophysicist.

Simulation of the creation of ploonets revealed that 44% of the satellites ended up colliding with their planets. And consumed 6% of them by their host star. And expel 2% of the ploonets of its planetary system, floating through interstellar space.

It can be said that the remaining 48% are ploonets that must remain technically alive, although there is no evidence for scientists to actually exist.

However, astronomers suggested that the moon of the planet could someday become a ploonet in itself.

Source: The Sun

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