Mauricio Sari: A win over Newcastle is very important and the outcome of a boxer striker

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Mauricio Sari, Chelsea's Italian manager, stressed the importance of the team's win against Newcastle on the 22nd round of the Premier League.

Chelsea were able to move away from fourth place after a difficult victory over Newcastle, taking advantage of the fall of Arsenal in the trap of defeat this afternoon against West Ham.

"Today was very important to win, and we reached the goal we entered for it," said Sari.

"After the first goal, we slept for 20 minutes, so we put ourselves in great trouble with the break."

"In the second half, we were better, we showed a good reaction, we were happy with the result but we need to improve both mentally and technically, because we lost a lot of balls in strange ways."

"I think our teams have attacked better in the last five or six games, but we need an attacker in the box," he said of the role of the wings.

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