"Massage" to strengthen intimacy and satisfy sexual desire

Massage to strengthen intimacy and satisfy sexual desire

One of the most important ways of sexual life that is developing and increasing its activity is the method of massage or massage using natural oils aromatic.

Massage or massage is one of the most important natural means developed for sex, and is one of the best natural treatments for all problems related to sexual health. There are many special benefits for massage or massage on the intimate relationship between men and women, the most important of which is to promote the health of the sexual ability of the couple in order to have a successful married life and distinct. Through this article, we will identify together the most important health benefits of massage or massage to enhance intimacy and satisfy sexual desire.

Relieves stress

One of the most important features of the massage or massage methods with natural oils, so that both spouses enjoy a wonderful intimate sexual life, it reduces the psychological tensions and neurological disorders and stress life on both sides. Massage or massage helps the body to feel great psychological calm, reduce stress, irritability and nervousness, which in turn leads to a lack of ability to exercise intimacy in an interesting and distinctive way. It relieves the body from severe stress and nervousness, and works to calm the nerves and relax the muscles. This increases the sense of sexual desire and excitement, and increases the bonding and strength of the relationship because it may make the mind think of intimacy only in time.

Treats ED

The massage not only helps relieve stress, but is also one of the most effective natural remedies for getting rid of ED often suffered by men and women. The problem of ED is one of the biggest sexual problems faced by a large number of couples. It is necessary to find a natural and effective solution to get rid of this problem so that the couple's life is happy and the intimacy reaches its highest peak. The treatment here is massage and massage the body with natural and aromatic oils, which in turn enhance the excitement and sexual desire on both sides. And increases the ability to caress and affection that occur between spouses in order to reach pleasure and sexual arousal intimate, and get rid of the same time of cold and sexual vacancy.

Massage to strengthen erection

Massages contribute significantly to strengthening intimacy and helps to satisfy sexual desire by strengthening erectile dysfunction in men. This is because massage with natural oils, especially rose oil or jasmine oil, contributes to the activation of blood circulation and supply of blood to all sexual organs, and the flow of blood specifically to the penis before starting to exercise intimacy. The massage also stimulates the muscles of the body and eliminate muscle spasms, which in turn improves the ability of the body to support and energy to exercise intimacy, and increase the sense of pleasure and excitement and orgasm. So you can massage your body muscles with rose oil for relaxation and relaxation. The penis is massaged with jasmine oil to work on erection during the intimate relationship.

Massage to break the sexual routine

One of the most common problems experienced by most couples is the problem of ruteness, puberty and sexual boredom. Therefore, massage or massage is considered one of the finest natural methods that break this routine, and renew the intimacy significantly. This in itself helps to enhance the ability and ignite sexual desire and excitement between couples and produces a more intimate and enjoyable relationship. Massage is a type of treatment for most sexual problems resulting from routine and sexual boredom, because it enhances the sexual energy of the couple, reduces feelings of frustration and despair, and stimulates increased communication ability between the parties, which brings them more feelings of happiness.

Massage to increase flexibility and body moisture

Massage is one of the best natural means to help the body before the start of intimate exercise, as the massage works to increase the flexibility of the muscles of the body, and reduce the cramps and muscle cramps that hinder the performance of the marital relationship. It is also an easy way to increase the speed of intimacy and achieve intimacy. In addition, the massage gives the body excess moisture that enhances the sense of comfort and calm psychological and physical, and work to increase the feeling of relaxation and warmth, and this in itself increases the feeling of desire and orgasm and sexual maturity.


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