Mali: 24 children killed in ethnic massacre

mali: 24 children killed in ethnic massacre

At least 24 children were among about 100 people killed in a massacre by gunmen believed to be from the ethnic Volani group two days ago in a village inhabited by the Dogon ethnic group, Prime Minister Bobo Cisse said.

"All these victims of horror and brutality remind us of our responsibility as leaders to work to strengthen and accelerate security," Cisse said while inspecting the massacre site in the central village of Subanko.

Cisse became prime minister in April after his predecessor stepped down following a massacre by ethnic Dugun militants in a village in Volani in March.

Hundreds of people have been killed since January in clashes between Dogun fishermen and Fulani friars, including an attack in March in which gunmen killed more than 150 people in Volani in one of the worst violence in Mali's modern history, forcing the prime minister and government to resign.

Data from the site and incidents of armed conflict indicate that the outcome of ethnic violence has advanced the outcome of the attacks of Islamic extremist groups in terms of the number of deaths in Mali.

Source: Reuters


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