Make yourself a healthy home-based curly hair

The Arabs Today - Make Your Own Healthy Serum at Home for Curly Hair

Kerali hair is one of the most common layoffs and modern fashion, where women resort to it at all times and events such as: weddings, parties, university, and work.

Many women resort to a hairdresser, hair iron or some natural hair styling ideas, but if you are a corrugated hair or natural curly hair, you are lucky, but you should always take care of it in the winter for extreme fall, dryness and fragility.

Serum Natural Hair Conditioner:


A cup of flax seed.

Cuba water.

Two drops of lavender oil.

Two drops of jasmine oil.

Two drops of rosemary oil.

Two drops of tea oil.


Boil water, then put flaxseed, and keep my heart down for 5-10 minutes, until it becomes calf.

Stir the mixture through a gauze, or strainer with narrow openings, and let it subside slightly.

Add the oils, and my heart is good.

Apply gel after bathing on clean hair, and keep the rest in the refrigerator.

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