Magdy Badran confirms that smoking may lead to disorders of the fetus

Magdy Badran confirms that smoking may lead to disorders of the fetus

An expert on allergies and immunity and a member of the Egyptian Association of Allergy and Immunology, Dr. Magdy Badran told "Arabs Today" about the consequences of smoking with pregnancy.

He said: Active or negative exposure to tobacco has been and continues to be the leading cause of preventable diseases and deaths, and with the continued absence of a culture of prevention of tobacco smoking, it seems that it will remain so in the 21st century as well

Positive and negative smoking has serious effects on the health of the child. Exposure starts from the placenta to the fetus and the childhood stages through passive exposure to experimental and positive smoking.

And the consequences of smoking with pregnancy Scientific evidence supports the existence of causal relationship between smoking and follow-up obstruction of intrauterine growth and sudden infant death syndrome, and increase mortality rates of 150%, the birth of a dead child, and low lung function in infants and infants, and increase rates Respiratory infections, otitis media, chest bronchitis caused by bronchial constriction, asthma, behavioral neurological disorders, and the onset of a range of chronic diseases that begin with the embryo passing through childhood until puberty and beyond, especially pulmonary diseases and cardiovascular diseases .

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Exposure to tobacco during pregnancy may lead to disorders in fetal development, and can negatively affect pregnancy and the state of health of the newborn. Abortion, ectopic pregnancy, 25% increase, premature birth, and smoking cause 15% In the absence of smoking, the presence of tobacco smoke in the air causes difficulties in pregnancy, and problems with the placenta, and lack of blood flow in the placenta and spinal cord, and increased calcification of the placenta, and lack of placenta on the renewal of cells, programmed suicide of the placenta cells and aging and placenta , And the small weight and small placenta, and may prevent smoking and pregnancy, and may prevent Smoking pregnancy fertility Aqlalh the husband and wife, especially with heavy smoking

Smoking paralyzes the cilia that line the fallopian tube that transport eggs from the ovary to the uterus and the channel that carries sperm from the testis to the penis

Smoking increases the efficiency of fallopian tubes and increases ectopic pregnancy, especially in the fallopian tube.

Women who smoke 20 cigarettes a day have four times as many women as non-smokers

And the chances of having an ectopic pregnancy in the fallopian tube itself 98%

The most dangerous thing is that smoking during pregnancy also affects the growth, development and efficiency of the fallopian tube in the female fetus, that the smoking of the fetus threatens to turn it into a sterile female after decades.

And from experimental animals, we learned that nicotine reduces the flow of blood in the fallopian tube, and smoking reduces the ability of the fallopian tube to capture the egg from the ovary, and this explains the high rates of non-reproduction in wives of smokers, and smoking reduces the efficiency of the fallopian tube and vitality and movement

And smoking reduces the efficiency of the transfer of the egg through the fallopian tube, smoking paralyzes the smooth muscles in the walls of fallopian tubes, and this explains the high rates of ectopic pregnancy, and negative smoking has the same effect on the fallopian tube has the same bad effect

And cotinine from tobacco nicotine derivatives, and cause problems in the development of children may be hidden but remain constant.

And some adverse cardiovascular effects of nicotine can arise by switching to cotinine. The fact that low-level exposure has many risks may not be limited to the perinatal period. It is best for adults to avoid the exposure of fetuses or infants to cotinine and nicotine. The measurement of cotinine in human blood is the most reliable method for determining exposure to tobacco smoke. Smokers and non-smokers who are exposed to nicotine-contaminated air in the environment, and the measurement of cotinine is preferred to measure nicotine because cotinine stays in the body longer.

The new is the possibility of nicotine entry through the skin, and this is evident in the workers in the cultivation and harvesting, tobacco and cigarette factories

Cotinine is used as a vital indicator of exposure to tobacco smoke, and its presence means that there is exposure and that there is a presence of harmful nicotine effects.

Over the past 15 years, non-smoking blood cotinin levels in the United States have declined by nearly 70%, indicating that the success of public health interventions to reduce exposure to tobacco risk there

Smoking during pregnancy reduces fetal weight, and exposure of pregnant mothers to tobacco smoke restricts "delaying" fetal growth. Research confirms this fact every day. Badran Three factors increase this risk, the risk increases with the number of times smoking, and mothers who smoke from a cigarette to ten cigarettes a day, the weight of the baby drops 86 grams

And mothers who smoke from 11 to 20 cigarettes a day, the weight of the baby is 190 grams

Mothers who smoke more than 20 cigarettes lose a baby weight of 227 grams and the risk increases with age. Mothers who smoke between the ages of 40 and 44 are 3.4 times more likely to be stunted compared with 1.9 times for fetuses of teenage mothers. .

The risk increases in the last three months of pregnancy, and the weight of the baby is 27 grams per cigarette smoked by the mother daily in this period, according to the average number of cigarettes consumed each day.

The risk persists by smoking the negative mother as well and the risk extends beyond the limits of weight, evident in the delayed growth in six measures, and the length of the thigh, and the length of the party, and the total length, and the circumference of the head, and the circumference of the chest and abdomen

Smoking pollutes indoor air, and cigarette smoke is the main source of domestic indoor air pollution with indoor chemicals and toxic substances.

Long-term passive smoking increases the level of exposure to toxic metals, including lead, silver and mercury, which increases the chances of miscarriage, mental retardation or deformities

Lead and cadmium cause abortion, and the cause of abortions is often undetermined and there is a need to determine the potential role of environmental and lifestyle factors in the risk of pregnancy loss

Cigarette smoking reduces vitamin C by 25 mg per cigar, and vitamin C is an antioxidant that increases the immune system's efficiency

Lung function decreases in infants whose mothers smoke during pregnancy and continue to be followed for a lifetime. Human beings can not be vitamin C and therefore need vitamin C every day and times. The adult needs 60 milligrams of vitamin C, vitamin C Prevents harmful effects of nicotine on newborns.

It is recommended. Magdy to take vitamin C during pregnancy to prevent the negative effects of smoking on lung functions, especially guava, kiwi, broccoli, green pepper, red, yellow, orange and tangerine.

And the exposure of embryos to tobacco during pregnancy increases the likelihood of their demand for smoking in the old, and academic achievement is affected by the smoking of the fetus, and smoking the pregnant mother, especially the first three months followed by delay in the collection of children after school and negative smoking during pregnancy increases the chances of premature birth, The likelihood of a baby being born with the mother's smoking during pregnancy and the long-term economic consequences of smoking during pregnancy include increasing the cost of providing health care for infants and children

And negative smoking affects the heart and blood vessels of the fetus, and narrowing nicotine blood vessels in the mother and the umbilical cord and the uterus and the placenta and the fetus, and carbon monoxide reduces the oxygen available to tissues in the mother and the fetus also, so blood flowing and less oxygen available also

With the smoke of each cigarette, the blood flow in the placenta decreases for 15 minutes, increasing the heart rate of the fetus, and reducing its oxygen uptake by 40%.

The weight of the baby is reduced by 20 grams per cigarette smoked by the mother a day, and those born to mothers who smoke during pregnancy are more likely to have aortic aorta, the largest artery in the body, at puberty.

Smokers have high levels of acrylamide, a toxic substance for the nervous system and immune system, damage the heart and blood vessels, and delay the development of the fetus.

It is known that smoking parents during pregnancy reduces the weight of newborns and confirmed this in several studies over three decades, but new that affects more boys boys especially as the mother's age.

Previous studies have confirmed that smoking a pregnant woman shisha also reduces the weight of the newborn and opportunities for breastfeeding

And smoking the mother may modify the genes of the fetus, and smoking the fetus changes the genes of the fetus's lung, which adversely affects the functions and degradation later, and smoking during pregnancy may be the cause of her son's reading, according to a previous study, dyslexia is the difficulty of reading. A type of learning disability makes reading difficult even though the child's intelligence is normal.

Accompanied by difficulty in spelling and phonetic processing, "sound manipulation", rapid visual response, oral reading and fluent reading, and low birth weight may be associated with difficulty reading later

And smoking father may change the genes of the fetus, and this threatens the arrival of defective genes for the fetus as a result of smoking the father before the formation without smoking father in front of the fetus in the abdomen of his mother, and increase the chances of chronic diseases in the future

Asthma may be due to tobacco use during and before pregnancy, and maternal smoking during pregnancy increases the risk of asthma in their children.

There is evidence that grandmother smoking may also have the same effect on grandchildren who may not live with them or have not met them before, and their grandchildren also because of the modification of the genetic codes

It is new that smoking the father during adolescence may affect his children in the future through genetic changes inherited in sperm cells and enter into the spiral of asthma also popular.

Fetal smoking may also damage the heart and lungs

Dr. Magdy Badran offers a range of advice, namely, the necessity of healthy education for mothers to encourage them to breathe non-tobacco-free air, especially during pregnancy, to protect the fetus from smoking tobacco, and to take pregnant pregnant women vitamin C reduces asthma, safe and inexpensive intervention and reduces The economic burden of asthma.

Vitamin C for pregnant women reduces the effects of smoking on babies, reduces oxidative stress, improves lung function, reduces bronchial constriction in the first year of life, and reduces respiratory disease in newborns.

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