Maduro announces full control over Venezuela

Maduro announces full control over Venezuela

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has announced that his government is fully overseeing his country.

"We are witnessing complete supervision of the government and the management of armed forces on the territory of the country," Maduro said on state television, "and as a legitimate president, I manage national and foreign relations and carry out all my obligations."

Maduro stressed that his government "will continue to run the country holding the constitution in its hands, in a democratic manner and in cooperation with the people."

"On April 11, 2002, we saw a tragedy here at the Miraflores Palace (an attempt to topple the Hugo Chavez regime) and now we have seen on January 23, 2002, a tragedy in the history of our country as a comedy, Repeated the same story as a comedy. "

Maduro also described the attempt by the opposition, especially the speaker of parliament, Juan Guido, as "three months of the arrogance of North American imperialism, which is trying to launch an attack on power in Venezuela." "It is also 3 months of the Bolivarian Revolution, the People's Power, the Civil Military Alliance and 3 months of peace and action."

Since January 21, Venezuela has seen mass protests against incumbent President Nicolas Maduro as a result of the difficult living conditions of the population. After the start of the unrest, the opposition parliament speaker, Juan Guido, established himself as interim president of the country, which was recognized by a number of Western countries led by the United States. Russia, China and a number of other countries have pledged their support to the legitimate President Maduro.

Source: Novosti

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