"Louis Vuitton" out of the typical in the design of ankle boots for the 2019 season

The Arabs today - "Louis Vuitton" out of the typical design of the ankle boots for the 2019 season

In the Louis Vuitton Cruise 2019, Nicolas Giscayre did not want things to be traditional at all Shoe LV Archlight, innovative new design and strange.

If you look at the details of this shoe a little, you can clearly see the strangeness: limbs tinted in gold with the edition of the house as entered on various materials of leather or wool in the form of engineering is not familiar at all.

From the black-and-white stocking model to the black stripes with the soft black embroideries, make sure that Louis Vuitton is trying to get you out of style in your 2019 season with this new design.

Can be worn with skirts and with The pants Especially as it will give you the look of the modern and renewable look that Louis Vuitton cares to get.


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