"Legal relationship" causes the request of a Sudanese woman to divorce her husband

The Arabs today - a "legitimate relationship" cause the request of a Sudanese woman to divorce her husband

A Sudanese woman filed a divorce suit from her husband in a court in the Sudanese capital of Khartoum. She held her right to divorce and said that she suffered from it because of her frequent intercourse, which reached 12 times a day.

The transfer of the site, "Nile" Sudanese, the comments of the complainant, where she said, the husband's demands in cohabitation deprived her even from taking care of her children and the cleanliness of her home.

The judge summoned the husband to ask him about the correctness of the wife's statements, and he recognized the validity of his wife's speech, asserting that he is his legal right from his wife by the order of religion. The judge resorted to a friendly solution to solve the problem between the spouses.

He asked the husband to use any of the stimulants, but he said no, asserting that he depends on the system on the "millet", according to the location of "Nile" one of the plants that grow in the form of Sanabel and clusters similar to wheat, and spread these plants in the continents of Asia and Africa, These plants have small spherical seeds or seeds, and may be the cause of many husband requests for cohabitation.

The judge succeeded in his negotiations with the couple, and returned to life between them, demanding the husband to take into account the circumstances of his wife and reduce in the mingled, and advised the wife not to demolish her home.

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