Lebanese doctor wins top international title in ophthalmology from Britain

Lebanese doctor wins top international title in ophthalmology from Britain

The Lebanese ophthalmologist, Suleiman Abu Latif, a graduate of the Faculty of Medicine of the Lebanese University in 2003, was awarded the "Royal College of Surgeons of the Eye", the highest title in the world's ophthalmology profession.

Dr. Latif received this title after passing a number of oral and written tests. This achievement came after achieving the rank of "Network Surgery Fellow" from Moorfields Eye Hospital, the largest and most advanced eye hospital in the world.

Abu Latif, who specializes in retinal diseases and surgery in 2011, is a member of the Royal College of Surgeons of Al Ain. He has lectured at the conferences of Euretina specialists in the cities of Milan, Nice, Copenhagen and Vienna, and has several articles in international medical journals.

Abu Latif is thinking of a "partial return" to Lebanon through a "seasonal clinic" in which he will provide medical service to those in need, as required by the ethics of the profession, and to meet his countrymen from consultations, consultations and operations. He will receive the British Royal College Fellowship of Eye Surgeons at a special ceremony to be held In London in September.

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