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The Arabs Today - Learn about the important tips for weight loss than what you are about to lose

Many girls and women often suffer from severe facial irritation, from the very small size of their faces, making them appear to be sick, showing dark circles around the eye, and doing a safe diet on your body, especially the skin. Follow the following lines according to the advice of livestrong
1. Plate Power:

The introduction of the salad dish as a key ingredient in lunch is not only a feeling of satiety but also to provide the body's needs of vitamins and elements necessary for healthy skin and rejuvenating the epidermis to avoid dandruff and dryness.

2- Calories:

Reducing weight does not mean reducing the amount of food, which results in the face to appear cumbersome, but can reduce calories in a meal, such as eating low-calorie food, such as some vegetables and fruits, must be calculated daily calories and cut at least 500 price.
3- Water:

Especially cold water helps to accelerate the burning of fat, and restores the balance of the body by providing the necessary moisturizing and therefore appear fresh skin, because harsh dieting affects the health of the skin and causes dehydration of the skin.

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