Learn about the most beautiful tourist attractions in the English city of Leicester

Today's Arabs - Learn about the most beautiful tourist attractions in the English city of Leicester

On the edge of Britain's famous National Forest, Leicester, the 10th largest city in Britain and one of the oldest in the UK, Leicester is also one of the best Tourist Destinations Which you can visit in Britain, is home to a good number of interesting historical sights, including the burial site of Richard III, as well as an impressive array of attractions worth visiting.

The most beautiful tourist places in the city

Richard III Visitor Center:

The center is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Leicester and was built in 2012 after the discovery of the remains of King Richard III, one of Britain's most famous kings, who ruled the country in the 15th century and is known as the last king of Britain The center documents the busy and turbulent life of King Richard III, which ended in his death at the famous Bosworth Battle, which ended with the reign of the York family and began with the Teodoro reign.

– Leicester Cathedral:

Leicester Cathedral is located on the opposite side of the street from the Richard III visitor center, one of the most popular tourist attractions in Leicester, especially for those interested in historic architecture and the life of Richard III. The Cathedral of Leicester dates back to 1089. The Cathedral is famous for its exquisite exterior, Color, also known as its dazzling interior design.

– National Space Center:

The National Space Center in Leicester is famous for being the largest of its kind in the interior United kingdom, Making it a favorite of astronomers and space scientists across Britain, the Space Center is a great destination for a year-round visit, especially on rainy days. It offers hours of great learning, as well as lots of fun and entertainment in private galleries. in the center.

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– New Walk Museum and Art Gallery "New Walk Museum & Art Gallery":

The Museum of the New Walk, the Art Gallery and one of the most famous museums in Leicester and a good period of time remained the main museum in Leicester. The history of this magnificent museum dates back to 1849 and is known as a collection museum of various subjects that may interest museum visitors. Between the history of civilizations, natural history and fine arts, you can find in this museum a wonderful collection of exhibits about dinosaurs, ancient Egypt and German expressionist art.

– Leicester Market:

The Leicester market is known as Europe's largest outdoor covered market. The market contains more than 270 different sales stalls. While the market was originally established as a place to sell fruits and vegetables, you can also find many different types of goods on the market For sale include books, pieces of jewelery, clothing and flowers, the main distinguishing feature of the Leicester market is that it is one of the oldest historical markets and the market has been in operation for more than 700 years.

– Leicester Guildhall:

Leicester Guildhall is a famous historical building in Leicester and one of the historic buildings listed as British heritage sites. The building dates back to 1390 and has been used for many years as a municipal building, meeting place and courtroom. Was the original residence of Britain's third oldest library. It has hosted many scientific and cultural discussions in the past and has been the site of many historical events, especially during the English Civil War of the 17th century, the Leicester Guildhall Newspapers and place to host cultural and artistic events.

Learn about the most beautiful tourist attractions in the English city of Leicester

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