Learn about the methods of dry hair care and haish in the summer

Al Arab Al-Youm - Learn about the methods of dry hair care and haish in the summer

The summer bag carries a great variety of activities, the most important of which is spending a sunny day on the beach and enjoying its wonderful atmosphere. However, if we seek to enjoy these pleasures, we are afraid of its harmful effects on the skin and hair such as dry hair and wrinkle. As we seek to spend more days in the northern coast villages for example, and enjoy the distinctive golden color of our skin, we know very well how summer can affect the health of hair. With the summer sweat, the roots suffer from constant moisture while the parties struggle with drought and shelling to make the hair curly in the end.

If you do not want your hair to wrinkle, how do you avoid it?

Who are the enemies of your hair? Sun and Humidity:

Why does hair suffer in the summer? Understanding what is happening helps avoid it. Humidity increases in the air, causing the chemical bonds to break down in the hair, showing a curly natural look as if it were just washed, and the effect of ultraviolet light coming to us with sunlight, which breaks down the hair proteins to leave it weak and fragile.

Keep it covered:

If you are veiled, you prevent sun rays from damaging your hair naturally, and if you are not, you can cover it with a hat or a small scarf if possible at least when circling in sunny places. If you're going to give it up, put sunscreens on your hair from the roots and sides, without forgetting to remove the cream from your hair and wash your hair thoroughly with shampoo at the end of the day. (Read also: dandruff treatment and hair loss with household recipes)

Keep it wet:

Swimming pools and beaches are the first undisputed summer fun, but they may be the worst on the hair. Enjoy a quick bath before swimming. Studies have confirmed that wet hair is less absorbable to chlorine in swimming pools or salts in seawater. Also remember to wash your hair with shampoo after swimming to remove any residue of chlorine or salts from your body and hair.

Lift it up

Describe your hair in the morning or when exposed to the sun in raised hairstyles to reduce the area of ​​hair exposed to the sun and do not turn it down only in shaded areas or the evening.

Reduce use of shampoo:

This does not mean less bathing. It is something that no one will tolerate especially in these hot days. I mean, I do not wash the hair every time you take a bath. You should also reduce the amount of shampoo to the extent that you feel your hair has become clean. All of these steps allow your hair to take advantage of its natural beauty and restore vitality. If you do not have to wash your hair daily, do not wash it daily with shampoo, but only the balm only and just shampoo twice or three times a week at most.

Shampoo is the best preparation:

Hair needs more gentle treatment during summer, which is allowed by gentle, non-strong shampoos. Choose a type that does not contain sulfur compounds or alcohol, or present it yourself. You can combine a regular shampoo with a gentle balm and get a mild shampoo that gives extra moisture to your hair. (Read also: Top 5 Hair Wash Tips)

Moisturizing moisturizing then moisturizing:

Check your hair with good moisturizing cream at least once a week. Choose oils rich in jojoba oil or Moroccan argan oil, and drench your hair from the roots to the limbs. If using a hair dryer, floss, iron, or baby is unnecessary, you should protect your hair with such palliatives. If you are using the hair products, you should avoid preparations that contain silicone. Silicone lends a luster to hair, but it also causes hair weakness.

Define your relationship with beauty salons

All of them come with a distinctive look and style after being styled with a hairdryer, iron or other, but the best advice is to minimize it as much as possible, especially in the summer. Give your tired hair in the summer a rest away from all that exhausts and enjoy a little healthy appearance, though curly.
The sun may add light to your hair color, so you can avoid hair dyes completely, it will add to your hair only more stress. (Read also: compare different types of hair products)
This is not a call to get away from the beauty salon. You will need to go to it every 6 to 8 weeks during the summer to remove the sparse increases. Hair grows faster in the summer.

Accept all that is rich in water

Keep your body healthy and moisturize by taking large amounts of water in the summer, and do so to compensate for the effect of heat and the loss of fluids through sweat. Healthy hair needs 10% of its composition of water, chloride and moisture. Although different beverages, such as coffee, soda and juices, have a good taste, natural water remains the best. Also remember that the balanced health system appears in bright health hair. If you see that your food intake is not balanced, take all vitamins and minerals that are important to your hair in fruit and vegetables or other supplements after consulting your doctor.

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