Learn about the latest Infiniti cars with their bold design

Al Arab Al Youm - Learn about the latest Infiniti cars with their bold design

Company released Infinity, A distinctive arm of the company AprilHas unveiled its new SUV, the QX30, made in Sunderland, England, along with their two brothers, Nissan Jock and Qashqai, in the compact SUV category, but with very few common possibilities with Mercedes cars of the same category.

Featuring contemporary bold design, elegant paint and a chrome cabin, the car will find the foundations of the latest generation Mercedes-Benz A-Class.

Infiniti, despite some of its premium cars, has struggled to make significant progress in the vibrant and exciting new car market in the UK.
Given that Infiniti is likely to keep undervalued in the used car market, many customers will think about getting some Mercedes engineering and Japanese industry quality at a cheap price, and it is British anyway, but it certainly is not considered as good value Special when purchasing a new copy.
Best at its £ 40,000 price, it competes with some of the most impressive cars in its class, such as the Volvo XC40, which is not exactly comparable to the Infiniti interior.
The Volvo car does not stand out as a special car or car that really justifies its high price compared to Qashqai, where Nissan is still the market leader and the company from which Infinity is based.
The interior car is quiet compared to a carefully thought-out cabin that combines style, luxury and manufacturing quality. There are many touches directly from Mercedes, such as some keys and a turntable. It also highlights the extensive use of premium leather and high quality soft plastic with clear attention to detail, but lacks the kind of storage flexibility you find in car designs of the same class as Citroen.

But the real disappointment is the engine and transmission where there is no choice – it's a 2.2-liter Mercedes diesel unit with an automatic engine with automatic box and economic or sports settings.

It's a bit noisy, but most of all, it does not really make you worry about driving.

All that can be said about the Infiniti QX30 is that it is an elegant car, better than its rivals Mercedes A-Class and SUV-style GLA.

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