Learn about the causes of postnatal weight gain

Arabs Today - Learn about the causes of weight gain after childbirth

Many women suffer from the problem of weight gain during pregnancy and even after birth, which is a natural result of hormonal and psychological disorders that cause an increase in the desire to eat throughout the day, it should be noted that this problem continue until several months after birth, Stretching on the skin, and this is for several reasons, remember to you magazine Emirates women successively, follow us:

Women eat large quantities of fast food after birth, which are usually full of fats and sugars, but they can not follow an effective system of advice, which causes weight gain.

The injury of women with some psychological problems that make them suffer from tension and anxiety, which negatively affects the process of metabolism significantly.

Lack of sleep after birth makes women sleep less than 6 hours a day, where studies have confirmed that people who do not sleep enough hours during the day, are more exposed to the risk of increased weight and obesity.

The lack of thyroid function, due to the loss of a large proportion of sugar during the birth process, which causes the incidence of gestational diabetes and weight gain.

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