Learn about exercises that are very simple to slim face

Today's Arabs - Learn about exercises that are so simple to soothe your face

The face is a key factor to your psychology and helps you to continue the healthy diet to lose weight because the face is the first thing that shows weight loss Here are some exercises that help you to slim the face:

Exercise 1:

With the lipstick, smile as broadly as possible, as if you are trying to touch your ears with your mouth, keeping this position for only 5 seconds. This exercise is very important for burning fat cheeks. It is recommended to repeat the exercise 5 times as well.

Exercise 2:

The exercise to reduce the face is a smile, as the smile is a high ability to burn facial fat and intensity to appear in a consistent and agile. Whether you smile with closed lips or a wide smile that reveals teeth, just smile whenever you remember. Your phone or computer can help you remember it with a background or reminder text. You do not know how many people will fall in love with your smile and smile just to see you smile.

Exercise 3:

It is also called "frankincense" where the exercise is to do chewing milk for an hour per day. For the benefits of frankincense in the exercise of the muscles of the jaw and face and face and facial cheeks. It also has an excellent effect on the edge of the jaw.


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