Learn about 6 important stations in the life of Princess Sheoh Carr

Al Arab Al Youm - Learn about 6 important stations in the life of Princess Sheoh Karr

Princess Shuwa Carr or Shweikar is also the first wife of King Fuad I, son of Khedive Ismail, and the Princess of the daughter of Prince Ibrahim Fahmi and granddaughter of Ibrahim Pasha, who inherited a great wealth of tyrannies, money and real estate, and the first station in the life of Princess Shaykh Karr – born in Askdar, Istanbul, Turkey on 25 October 1876 – was transferred after the passport from her family home at the Duparah Palace to the palace of Al-Saffran, the residence of Prince Fouad – then – the Princess had two brothers Prince Wahiduddin and Prince Saif Eddin, while her mother was " Hanim Effendi ", lives in Astana.

"The seventh day" in a report that the second station in the life of Princess Sheoh Carr, is the birth of King Fouad I, Prince Ismail, but did not live long, and then gave birth to him also the Princess in 1897, and married the small princess of Mahmoud Fakhry Pasha, He had a single son, Ahmed, and after the 1952 revolution, the Princess lived in complete isolation in a hotel in Zurich until she died in 19974. President Anwar Sadat allowed her burial in Egypt.

The third stop in the life of Princess Shweikar was her divorce from King Fouad I in 1898 after many problems. The last of them was the release of the brother of Princess Sheoh Karr, who was shot dead by King Fuad, but sustained a permanent disability in his neck. The Princess married after her divorce from King Fouad and gave birth to Prince Wahid Yusri and Latifia Hanim, who married Ahmed Hassanein Pasha, the head of the royal court under King Farouk, but was fired from him.

One of the main stations in the life of Princess Shweikar is that she was a first-class community leader and has many charitable works. She headed the Mabrat Muhammad Ali Society for life and was the honorary president of the Farouk I University Foundation. "New Woman". She received several VIPs at her palace on Sundays every week in what was known as the Sunday Salon, and held two concerts annually, the first on New Year's Day and the second of February 11, coinciding with King Farouk's birthday.

And the fifth station of the life of Princess Chihu Kar, was awarded the largest mantle of Nishan Chafqat, Sultan Murad IV, and up to the time of her death, one of the six women carrying Nishan Ligion Donier of the degree of Komandor.

The last stop in the life of Princess Sheoh Karr, died on February 17, 1947, in Cairo. She had a good relationship with King Farouk, and brought her the marble used in her tomb from Italy specially for this purpose, and the burial was designed in bed, Beauty of hand design and shape.


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