Laws of beach handball

Laws of beach handball laws of beach handball

The rules of the game of beach handball, beach handball game appeared since ancient times on all beaches, and was the first appearance in the beaches of Hawaii in 1920, and was composed of two teams and each team consists of six players, and since that time the game has developed a lot of The number of players and laws, where the game of beach handball spread on the coasts of Brazil and California in 1927, and then spread to France in 1930, but there was a difference in the number of players consisting of two teams and each team consists of four players, you can learn more about the laws Beach handball game through Maalou site Cultural.

What is a beach handball game?

The game did not stop at one or fixed developments, but when it spread in America there was also a change in the number of players, as the two teams each team consists of only three players, where after this time when this game saw these developments also happened to other developments in 1947 where He set the first rules of this game, and the number of players in each team became players only, and since then specialists after the development of beach hand game because of the distinctive concept of sports, vitality and activity and was considered the main propaganda of the gathering on the beaches.

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Rules of the game of beach ball LED

Each sport has its own stadium with all the possibilities that make it suitable for the sport, in terms of space and floor as well as the design of the stadium inside and out:

  • The stadium was in the form of a rectangle with a length of 16 meters and a width of 8 meters, and the floor of the stadium is covered with sand and the thickness of about 40 centimeters, the latitude of the stadium is a width of 8 to 5 centimeters, and painted in a different color from the color of the sand and the special The stadium is 5 to 6 meters wide, and should not have any obstacle that could hurt the players.For the center of the stadium there is a network to divide the stadium into two equal halves and each half where the team stands.It is fixed by two columns in the sand but the length of this network depends on the sex of the players.

1. For male players, the length of the grid is 243 centimeters.

2 – For women players under 16-year-old network length of 224 centimeters.

3. For men and women under 12 years of age, the length of the net is 212 centimeters.

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The rules of the game of beach ball handball

Each sport has a certain ball of certain materials, weight and for that sport.

  • The ball is made of natural or artificial leather so that it is not affected by the weather or moisture conditions, its weight ranges from 260 to 280 grams, its circumference is 66-68cm and its pressure ranges from 175-225 millibars.

The rules of the beach handball game system

  • Each team consists of two players only and it is not allowed to change or replace a player during the player.Also, it is not permissible to start playing with one player.Also, the player can discuss the referee and ask for a timeout if required, where the referee gives a timeout to the players if the points are 21 points, and also gives time An intermittent half-second is optional after each half of the game.
  • The stadium hand is switched between the two teams every seven points.
  • The team wins the game if they win the first two games of three games, and have got 21 points and also requires that the difference between the points of the two teams at least two points.
  • There is a minute to rest only between the change of direction between the two teams.
  • The game is started by lot and the winner has the right to choose who will play it, or ask the opposing team to start sending.
  • The draw shall be repeated at the beginning of the third half if the two teams draw in the first half and the second half, and the winner shall be the team that reaches the 15th point before the opposing team, and it is also required that the points difference between the two teams be at least two points such as the first half and the second half.

The rules of the referee's beach handball game

  • The stadium has a group of referees for each referee whose task is divided, and the first referee comes the second referee the registered referee.

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This was a brief on the laws of the game of beach handball, and about the laws of the game of beach handball, which has been stabilized after spread in many foreign countries, especially in countries where there are many beaches, and the first game of the Beach Handball Championship was held in the United States in 1976 Experimental introduction in the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona, ​​and was adopted as a basic game in 1993 from that time, and beach handball was considered a basic game of the Olympic Games which has a large popularity and also lovers as mentioned in the article laws of the game, in addition to the benefits Idh the person who exercises the muscle strength of the sport and also activity and other benefits dating back to the body and public health.


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