Laila Rose Deeb is elegant during her "V Magazine"

The Arabs Today - Laila Rose Deeb Elegant during her "V Magazine"

Prepare Laila Rose Depp is one of the most famous faces in the world of fashion and fashion, and recently attended the Halloween magazine "V Magazine", sponsored by French fashion house Chanel At Jane's Carousel in Brooklyn, New York, on Friday night.

The daughter of the 19-year-old actor Johnny Depp appeared with an exciting circus-like look, wearing a red jacket, trousers and a white shirt as well as short shorts embroidered in glossy black.

Laila Rose Deeb is elegant during her presence at v magazine

Deep added sexy black stockings, a pair of high thigh boots, and completed her leather gloves look no different from those always worn by Chanel designer Carl Lagerfeld, and perhaps her fiance represented the tigers in the circus holding a stick in her hand.

Depp has chosen her golden hairdresser in elegant tiaras, with busty make-up and smoky shades, and Deepp is featured on the magazine V Magazine in her latest edition, along with many fashion representatives.Laila Rose Deeb is elegant during her presence at v magazine


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