Kurdish militants hand over Washington Two US women and six children from northern Syria

Kurdish militants hand over Washington Two US women and six children from northern Syria

KHARTOUM [Reuters] – Two US women and six children have been returned to the United States from northern Syria, a Kurdish leader said on Wednesday.

"The Kurdish forces helped bring back two women and six children to the United States from northeast Syria at the request of the US government," the official said.

The last handover occurred last week, with Uzbekistan retrieving 148 children and women from the families of the Da'sh elements and five children of orphans from families belonging to the Da'ash organization to the Norwegian authorities.

On Sunday, Kurdish self-government in northeastern Syria announced the release of 800 women and children from armed groups from the Al-Hool refugee camp in the eastern Al-Hasakah countryside, in response to a call by tribal sheikhs in the convoys to be released to the cities of Raqqa and Tabaqah .

The north-eastern camps of Syria include 12,000 foreigners, 4,000 women and 8,000 children from the families of "foreign extremists", who live in special sections under strict security control.

Other countries refuse to return their citizens, such as France, which has said it will most likely repatriate orphaned children of "French extremists". In March, it recovered five orphaned children.

Source: Agencies

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