Know how to care for sensitive skin properly

Today's Arabs - Learn how to care for sensitive skin properly

Women with sensitive skin face many problems that result from not knowing the proper ways to deal with them, so we review the following lines the most important methods of sensitive skin care:

– Use only sensitive skin care products that contain natural ingredients, not oils or chemicals that can block pores and cause acne or skin irritation.

– Do not use skin care products that contain chemical additives such as perfume or colors.
– Toner use does not suit sensitive skin care, as it contains compounds that can cause dryness and irritation of your skin.
– Do not touch your face without washing your hands with soap for sensitive skin. Chemicals, bacteria and bacteria are the enemies of sensitive skin.
– Avoid excessive exposure to sunlight. Apply sunscreen before leaving the house.
6 – Try to wear a hat and cover the hands and feet while leaving the house in the morning.
7. Hypoallergenic is a friend of sensitive skin. Usually contain only natural ingredients and no harmful additives.
– Avoid skin cleaning products containing alcohol and soap.
– It is recommended to use skin peeling products once a week as it works to remove dead skin cells.
– Remove makeup once you get home. Use a hypoallergenic makeup remover. The longer your makeup stays on your face, the more likely it is to clog your pores and create a fertile environment for acne.


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