Know 4 home masks to unify your skin color

The Arabs Today - Find out 4 home masks to unify your skin color

Do not unify the skin color problems that you may encounter because of the appearance of dark circles, darkening of the area surrounding the mouth, the effects of grain, freckles and costs and other factors that cause the appearance of your skin in a uniform color and cost your view. And uniformity of the skin color of things that may need continuous care and regular routine to obtain satisfactory results.

Learn about natural ways to lighten your skin and unify your skin without the need to use harsh chemicals.

Honey and honey mask:

the ingredients:

1 tbsp Rub.

1/2 tablespoon honey.


Mix the robe with the honey well and put the mixture on the skin of the face and neck for 10-15 minutes and then rinse with lukewarm water and followed with moisturizing cream, repeat the catcher once a day.

The rub contains lactic acid, which helps to gently peel the skin and remove dead skin cells. It also helps to lighten the skin with milk proteins.

Starch and rose water mask:

the ingredients:

1 tablespoon starch.

1 tablespoon water and rose.

1/2 tbsp cream or moisturizing lotion.

Semi-lemon juice.


Mix the ingredients until they are homogenized, put on the skin for 20 minutes, then rinse with warm water first and then cold water.

Stimulates the color of the skin and get rid of infections and skin sensitivity, and lemon is one of the strongest Candida natural, which works to get rid of the brownness of the skin and fight the bacteria causing the grain.

Honey and Milk Mask:

the ingredients:

1 teaspoon honey.

1 teaspoon powdered milk.

1 teaspoon lemon juice.

1/2 teaspoon olive oil.


Mix the ingredients well and apply to the skin for 30 minutes, then rinse the mask with lukewarm water, and repeat three times a week.

Turmeric and Milk Mask:

the ingredients:

1 teaspoon turmeric.

1 teaspoon powdered milk.

1 teaspoon Rob.

1/2 teaspoon lemon juice.


Mix the ingredients until fully homogeneous and then distributed to the skin and leave the catcher for 30 minutes and then rinsed with lukewarm water, and wipe the face with a piece of cotton moistened with children's oil, repeat the catcher three times a week.

It is recommended to maintain the pads for a month or until the desired results, with the catcher test on a small area of ​​the skin to ensure that no allergic reactions to a component.

Choose the right catcher for you and enjoy a uniform skin and open in a short time without having to use harsh chemical ingredients on your skin.


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