King expectations in a special interview for RT: Algeria has a hero character

King expectations in a special interview for RT: Algeria has a hero character

In an exclusive interview with RT, after the match between Algeria and Côte d'Ivoire, former Egyptian player Reda Abdel-Al said that the hero of the tireless and undemanding hero is evident in all the matches of Algeria.

Reza Abdel-Al, nicknamed the "King of Expectations," said his expectations for Algeria's final and African Cup of Nations finals in Egypt were based on objective facts, such as good testing of players, fitness, continuity and fighting spirit.

"Algeria made a great match, and although it missed a penalty during the match, the spirit and determination remained as the two teams until the end."

"Even if Algeria had lost the game, it would not have angered their fans because it was a good lesson," Abdel-Aal said. Captain Reda Abdel-Al expected the Algerian team to continue in the same spirit until the end of the tournament.

Abdel-Al, in an earlier statement to RT, predicted that the Algerian team will qualify for the 32nd edition of the African Cup of Nations in Egypt for the second time in its history, after the first in 1990.

The "Desert Warriors" reached the semi-finals of the African Cup of Nations after beating Côte d'Ivoire on penalties on Thursday in the new Suez Stadium.

Abdel-Al was famous during the period of his predictions of true sports, and predicted the exit of the team Egypt from the World Cup Russia 2018 empty handed and the group stage, which actually happened, although the Egyptian public was optimistic at the time qualify the "Pharaohs" to the second round at least, The draw that Egypt put in the group seems affordable on paper.

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