Kindle Piper White is a cheap electronic reader that meets all requirements

Amazon's latest electronic reading devices borrowed two of its most expensive counterparts: water resistance and Bluetooth, making it an excellent device for its price.
About a year ago, Amazon launched an ideal electronic reader called the Kindle Oasis, a water resistant and beautiful backlighted LED display with Bluetooth connectivity to allow you to easily navigate text and audio book versions.
The Amazon Kindle still performs the same functions, of course, but the cheap version comes at 230 euros, while the premium version, which comes with 32 GB of memory with 3G connections, costs 320 euros. This price is equivalent to the price of the latest iPad, which is nothing more than an elegant aluminum panel, if you do not spend extra money to fill it with e-books.
The latest Amazon updates on its electronic reading devices can be considered the right solution for the high-end Oasis device. The new Piper White features the most important features of the Oasis range, namely water resistance and audio integration, Humble its price does not exceed 120 euros.
New and improved
* Water resistance. The Kindle White includes all the important features available in the Oasis version, so if you are familiar with the latter, you will not be surprised by the new. The most important of these features is the IPX8 Water Resistance Rating, which means that Piper White can withstand up to 2 meters of water for 60 minutes.
Piper White may not be the only water-resistant electronic reader on the market. There are two Kobo Aura ONE and the H20 Edition 2 (H20 Edition 2), which have the same luxury but are cheaper According to the Wired magazine. Com ». This level of resistance is enough to make sure the user is sitting near the bathtub or swimming pool does not mean that the risk of losing his device if it fell from his hands.
Voice integration is another feature inherited by the new version of Oasis. If you spend a small additional amount of money and buy both text and audio versions of the book, you will be able to switch between them, listen to the book via Bluetooth speakers or speakers after boredom from the read version. This feature also works for different platforms, so if you're reading the Kindle on the phone, the Piper White will open the correct page when you go to the phone.
All of these audio books require large storage space. For this reason, the new Piper White is available with two storage capacities of 8 GB and 32 GB, instead of the traditional capacity of 4 GB. Audio file sizes vary, but medium-sized novels require up to 150 megabytes (MB), which means the 8-GB Piper White can hold up to 40 audio books at a time, with little capacity for the operating system.
But the large storage capacity will of course cost you. The 32-gigabyte Piper White is priced at 150 euros with Wi-Fi access only, and can be up to € 220 with the addition of the 4G connection, but at this price, you might prefer to buy the Oasis, Comes with a 7 "screen with a more elegant design than the practical Piper White.
Minor design modifications
Looking at it, the Piper White does not seem to be any different from its predecessors. It comes with a few curved plastic background that is suitable for carrying it tightly, and its wet holder prints clearly. But on the scale, the new device comes in a size smaller 167 mm × 116 mm compared to 169 mm × 117 mm for his ancestors, and less thickness of 0.9 mm, but you will hardly notice the difference when you carry it in your hands.
But Amazon made a big change to the screen and replaced the old one with the previous Piper White with a more vivid display, keeping the same size, six inches in 330ppi resolution. The modern model, however, seems more determined and more literal, and represents an additional step towards achieving the goal of Amazon by enabling the user to see the book in front of him rather than the screen of an ordinary electronic device. This dynamic display also increases the realness of page flipping, especially since this device does not have the swipe button on the Oasis device.
Despite the durability of the new Piper White screen, it may not be the most powerful, as it is enough for a light blow to the device at the desk edge to cause a noticeable gap in the screen. It's true that the distorted Kindle screen may not look like a shabby smartphone screen, but it will cause some distraction while reading … The solid appearance on the screen does not mean it's unbreakable.
Great reading
The updates in the new Amazon Kindle may seem modest until now, but what does Piper White hide about its core function of reading? Here, there is no room for criticism. Although it has five LED lights, as opposed to 12 lights at Oasis, night reading is very easy for the eye, and the screen is flexible and responsive.
Another change in the new Kindle allows the reader to switch between different font and text sizes simply. Today, the user can choose between three different font settings: compact, medium, and large, as well as the ability to set your own settings, which means you will not have to move your fingers on the screen to try and change the font size.
Amazon says the changes also include battery service, and that the charging lasts for about six weeks when reading for an hour and a half daily requirement to turn off the Wi-Fi connection. But according to experience with the previous Kindle, Amazon is somewhat overvalued in its battery service estimates, because the use of light Piper White for a few days has reduced battery charge to 80 percent. So, if you're traveling on vacation and the Kindle is with you, make sure to pack a charger as well.
Final verdict
In its latest Piper White machines, Amazon has reached a new level in the manufacture of modest plastic and metal panels. This is not a criticism, but on the contrary, because that is the main goal of the production of Piper White.
As all good electronic reading devices are supposed to do, Piper White sits covertly between the reader and the book, reducing sources of distraction as much as possible. The new Kindle may not be as elegant and heavy as the Oasis, but it has a large number of important features.
If you are looking for an electronic reader that meets all the functions you want, that is, it does not break if it is in the bathroom and is capable of playing audio books, so this is the device you are looking for. But the only challenge Amazon faces today is to convince people that there is a reason to buy Oasis with a large sum of money, instead of Piper White. At the moment, this reason does not exist.

Key Specifications of Kindle Piper White

* Dimensions – 167 x 116 x 8.2 mm
* Width – «Piper White» Six inches (300ppi)
* Storage – 8 GB – 32 GB
* Battery – many weeks to read an hour and a half a day when turning off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
* Water resistance – IPX8 rating) which can withstand a depth of two meters in water for more than an hour.
* Positives: Great price compared to other Kindle devices; Water resistant; Connects to Bluetooth to run audio books.
* Negatives: Easy folding screen; Battery service is satisfactory
* Rating: 8-10

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