Kia Announces New E-Niro Launch Date

Kia announces the launch date of the new E-Niro

Announced Kia Company That her car is E-Niro, that depends on Electrical payment system Will be launched in April.

The South Korean company explained that the basic model of the car starts at 136 horsepower, and derives its energy from a battery capacity of 39.2 kilowatt hours, enough to reach the car the length of the 312 km.

The Hyundai Motor Company provides the model with an electric motor of 204 hp and a 64 kWh battery. This model has a range of 455 km and a maximum speed of 167 km / h.

The 5-seater SUV has simple design modifications such as the enclosed radiator grille, but has plenty of new equipment, and the luggage compartment can hold around 451 liters of luggage and luggage.

The new Kia has a modern cabin and digital counters, a new handle for the transmission arm and electric row brakes, and many other electronic systems such as the automatic safety distance limit with the lane lane assistant and the attention control light and automatic high light.

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