Kendall and Kayley Jenner appear in a lively shooting session

Today's Arabs - Kendall and Kayley Jenner appear in a lively shooting session

The two sisters Kendall andKylie JennerThe 23-year-old fashion model wore a black dress without shoulders, in line with the hat, while Kylie, 21, who has a brand name for her makeup, appeared in a lively photo session on Wednesday. Sparkling white in the photos she shared through their account on social networking sites.

The pictures showed that the two sisters were in solidarity amid reports that the sisters did not share each other.

Both of them boasted of their bodies, kneeling on the ground. According to Radra Onlan, he explained that financial envy had caused a rift between Kendall and Kayley. "There is a lot of envy between both, Okay".

The tension between the two sisters seems to be about their finances. Kaili's wealth is worth $ 900 million and Kendall is about $ 50 million.
"Kylie has recently declared a big problem, as Kendall is on her way to the fashion world," she said. "Financial hostility is the cause of their differences. They have nothing in common and can not afford each other."

Kaille is the fifth richest American celebrity in 2018, with her wealth reaching $ 900 million, and fifth place with American singer Jay Z, according to Forbes magazine.

Kylie has launched a trademark formakeup Her name was two years ago and her fortune increased by $ 630 million. Meanwhile, Kendall was the highest paid fashion model in 2018 for the second consecutive year. While Kendall has participated in some of the best fashion shows in the world, including Burberry, , And Fendi, her dramatic salary came because of her huge contracts with a large number of prominent brands.

Despite the violent response it received to announce its new partnership with Proactiv for the skin, the deal is undoubtedly very profitable.

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