Kaspersky Lab warns of a serious flaw in Windows systems

Kaspersky Lab warns of a serious flaw in Windows systems

Kaspersky Lab warns of a serious loophole in Windows systems

Kaspersky Lab, a security company, warned of a serious software flaw in Windows systems that showed that the serious flaw found by its experts allowed hackers to access any computer running Windows 8, Windows-10 "through a special intrusion software, and stealing data and computer protection completely.

Microsoft has sent detailed information about the problem to Microsoft, which in turn released new updates to Windows, but the existence of the vulnerability previously allowed at least two sets of hackers to access many users' computers.

Many users of Windows-10 systems said that updates made by Microsoft earlier this month slowed the work of some programs and applications on their computers and were waiting for them to launch other updates to address the problem. The next will remove the programs that do not correspond to the user's computer automatically.

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