Juventus plans to kidnap Isco in the way he signed Cristiano


According to Italian press reports, Juventus want to repeat what they did with Cristiano Ronaldo next summer with Spanish Francisco Isco.

Cristiano Ronaldo joined Juventus during the summer transfer period, against 110 million euros from Real Madrid.

Juventus is now also targeting Real Madrid's playmaker, Francesco Isco, after the player has suffered from a lack of basic participation, and problems with him and his coach and the masses.

Italy's Sky sport has confirmed that Juventus is trying to repeat what happened with Cristiano, who knows the player's position on the current winter transfer market. If the deal can not be settled, it will be postponed for the summer.

The Italian network revealed that there were contacts between coach Juventus's coach and coach Barca, in order to know how Esco would like to wear the Juventus shirt next season at the latest.

Isco joined Real Madrid in the summer of 2013 from Malaga, having won the Young Player of the Year Award from the Italian newspaper "Toto sport".

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