Jordan: Amman prosecutor sues Al-Ajlouni and Al-Hamouz on bail

jordan: amman prosecutor sues al-ajlouni and al-hamouz on bail

The Amman prosecutor has decided to release the owner of the Jordan Today channel, Mohammad Al-Ajlouni, and the presenter of the Ali Al-Rabi program, Rana Al-Hamoz, on bail.

Attorney General Al-Ajlouni and Al-Hamouz were arrested on Sunday following complaints filed by public security and gendarmerie officials.

The channel "Jordan Today" reported earlier that the security services transferred the owner of the channel Mohammed Ajlouni and media Rana Hamouz to Jweideh prison.

Their deportation came hours after they were arrested on the basis of a complaint filed by the director of the gendarmerie, Major General Hussein al-Hawatma.

The Amman prosecutor had decided to arrest Ajlouni and Al-Hamouz for one week on the basis of a complaint filed by the director of the gendarmerie against them, according to a Jordanian judicial source.

The source said that "Ajlouni and Al-Hamouz were suspended on charges of violating the Electronic Crimes Law relating to" slander and slander ", without further details.

Source: Jordanian media


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