Johnson accuses British lawmakers of "collusion" with Brussels

Johnson accuses British lawmakers of colluding with Brussels Johnson accuses British lawmakers of "collusion" with Brussels

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Wednesday accused British lawmakers who refused to leave the European Union with "terrible collusion" with Brussels.

Boris Johnson stressed that the "collusion" of these deputies would push the country to leave the union without an agreement.

Johnson responded to questions from the general public in a live broadcast on Facebook, saying that Brussels must make concessions to avoid the exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union without the October agreement.

Johnson's comments came after former British finance minister Philip Hammond criticized the prime minister's "destructive" approach to the negotiations, accusing him of raising demands to an extent impossible to meet by demanding a "full withdrawal" of the controversial paragraph on the Irish border.

"There is a terrible collusion between those who think they can stop the Brexit path in parliament and our European friends," Johnson said, adding that they make no concession at all regarding the withdrawal agreement because they still believe the Brexit course can be stopped in parliament. .

The prime minister stressed that the longer this takes place, the more and more London is forced to leave the EU without an agreement.


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