Jobs can not be occupied by human robots

Over the next 12 years, some 800 million people will lose their jobs by robbing them, according to a McKinsey Global study in 2017 in 46 different countries.

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<p>Researchers from the University of Oxford found that 47 percent of workers in the United States may find themselves unemployed after the machines take over in the coming years.</p>
<p>But few jobs will preserve the human element and will not be imbued with sophisticated technology, despite the development of artificial intelligence.</p>
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Jobs will keep the human element from grabbing robots !!


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<p>One of the categories of jobs on the safe side is the job of artists, singers, musicians and anyone with a creative talent who has hired them to generate money. Data can not produce real creative work that will attract the public, because these actions stem mainly from human emotions.</p>
<h3>Machine maintenance</h3>
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Although machines have the ability to assemble things faster than anyone, they do not have the analysis and experience to solve the problems of the production line. Hence, the function of the production line maintenance worker is one of the functions that are unlikely to be seized by machines that are subject to destruction.

Hair stylist and barber


Despite attempts to produce self-cutting machines in the past, they require great skill and are difficult to complete. In addition, the barber's task and its use of sharp tools make it difficult to rely on machines that are suddenly prone to disruption in hairdressing and handling of the customer's head.

Therapists and social workers


A new career in the field of automating work is likely to be a partnership in helping people to heal the mind, but that does not mean excluding the human element. Because the social worker and psychologist uses passion and feelings before the mind to listen to the problems of people and try to get them out of them. The wizard provides advice based on shared experiences, rather than just data-based logic.

the teacher

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<p>Teachers are often the unknown heroes in our society. They are the most energy-efficient and poorly paid compared to their most important job at all, caring for future youth.</p>
<p>Despite the tremendous development of robots and artificial intelligence, it is difficult to rely on machines to teach children life skills, empathy, and moral understanding.</p>
<h3>Health care personnel</h3>
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From kindergarten to kindergarten, nursing homes and kindergartens, it is difficult to replace these tasks with machines that think in terms of data analysis and reasoning. In addition, the target group in this business does not feel safe handling machines.


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