Japans protest against "tolerant laws with rapists"

Japans protest against "tolerant laws with rapists"

Rights activists and women who have been raped in Japan have called for the need to reform rape laws after repeated cases of acquittal for sexual offenses.

Demonstrators gathered in nine Japanese cities to protest against the country's legal system and held banners reading the MeToo logo, indicating that they had also been raped earlier.

The country's judicial authorities have amended a law dealing with rape in 2017 after it has been in effect for the past century.

The new amendment included tougher penalties for rapists, but stipulated "violence and intimidation" and "resistance to the rapist's victim" to prove the rape, which angered women activists and associations.

Experts believe that the non-resistance of the rape victim to the perpetrator is not evidence of consent to a sexual relationship, where there are cases of "involuntary paralysis" when sexual assault is committed.

In March, a court in the Nagoya district acquitted a man accused of raping his young daughter.

Activists are of the opinion that current laws impose a great deal of burden on victims of rape, which prevents them from initiating judicial proceedings.

Recent surveys showed that 42.5 percent of women working in the country were sexually harassed, while 60 percent of them were not exposed.

Source: EndPedent

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