Japan's Nissan launches first non-combat "tracked" vehicle

- Japan's Nissan launches first non-combat "tracked" vehicle

The company "AprilThe Japanese company specializing in the manufacture of cars, about the first car for people in the world, "tracked" and not used for military purposes, and noted the site, "Speed ​​Speed" news on cars that Nissan launched its new track car "Bisnalizachin Adventure" to be able to walk on the road and snow-clad .

Nissan has adapted the new chassis from its popular Jock, but has supported it with a tracked platform that has helped it move easily, moving on snowy roads. The new Nissan will be powered by a 2.5 liter diesel engine and a five-speed automatic transmission, To 215 horsepower.

The modified version is also equipped with a chassis of carbon and plastic, and a powerfully driven 160 horsepower engine, will be lower in price and specifications.

Nissan introduced its revolutionary design during Tokyo Auto Salon Showroom, Designed for the display of cars with unusual design and sudden.

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