Jaguar XE exclusive car that overtook its speed M3

The Arabs today - the Jaguar XE exclusive car that overtook its speed M3

At first we would like to remind you that the Jaguar XE Project 8 is the fastest sedan on the Nurburgreg circuit Germany , As it managed to pass the famous track during a record time of 7: 21.7 minutes.

The Jaguar XE Project 8 exclusive production will have 300 copies in the world and first appeared in June 2017 online before participating in the Goodwood Speed ​​Festival in its home country Britain

The exclusive car is based on the Jaguar XE sedan, but it is vastly different from the exterior to carry a very aggressive attack identity that suits its high performance. The eighth project car has a front shock, The car has an engine hood with a carbon fiber vented ventilator along with many of the lighter, high-strength material.

The Jaguar XE Project 8 on the side is based on 20-inch tires surrounded by Michelin Pilot's Super sport Cup 2 high-performance (optional) wheels, and the car is definitely on the Carbon Cermic Break.

Up to the rear, Project 8 has four double-edged design exhaust ports, and the car is fitted with a huge rear wing.

The Jaguar XE Project 8 got 75% more mechanical parts than the Jaguar XE sedan.

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