Iyad Allawi: Gaza's missiles are aimed at the Gulf

Iyad Allawi: Gaza's missiles are aimed at the Gulf

The head of the coalition, "national" Iraqi political Iyad Allawi, the presence of missile pads in the city of Gaza, directed at the Gulf States.

Allawi said in a television interview via Al-Sharqiya television channel on Wednesday that Israeli intelligence provided the United States with ballistic missile launchers based in Gaza, Syria, Iran and Basra to the Gulf states.

Allawi said a US official had met with him and told him that the United States had decided to send Foreign Secretary Mike Pompeo to investigate the missile launchers and to talk to Iraqi officials about the situation.

He also said that Israel was very concerned about these platforms.

Allawi pointed out that the remarkable images taken, that they are ground images and not from satellites, in reference to the agents of Israel photographed.

In response to statements made by the Iraqi politician, Salah al-Bardawil, a member of the Political Bureau and the official of the National Relations Department of Hamas, published a tweet in which he said: "Silence is silent and uttering nonsense. When he played the role of a failed compass, he echoed what a Zionist director said about Hamas rockets ) Addressed to the Gulf !! ".

"What did the Arabs do to the Arabs, or was the slag sluggish, driven by the winds of sedition, a mercy from God to us (to distinguish the malignant God from the good?)".

He added: "We do not direct our weapons to our chest, Allawi."

Source: RT + Twitter


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