Italy .. Investigation with Salafini because of the use of police planes

Italy .. Investigation with Salafini because of the use of police planes

An Italian prosecutor has opened an investigation into Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister Mateo Salveni over the use of police planes in his travels within the country as part of his party's right-wing Northern League campaign.

The prosecutor at the Court of Audit in Lazio, Andrea Lope, announced the opening of the investigation to find out whether Salfini illegally exploits state funds, noting that this is not exceptional.

For his part, Salveni rejected the charges against him, insisting that he used only police planes and the government to perform his official duties.

A similar investigation has already been carried out with former Prime Minister Mateo Renzi.

The investigation was opened after La Repubblica reported that Salveni, a right-wing nationalist in Europe, had spent only 17 days in his office since the beginning of the year because of his constant trips to various parts of the country. Organized to support candidates for the "Northern League" in the upcoming elections at the provincial, country and European Union level.

The newspaper pointed out that Salfini used during these movements, which have nothing to do with official functions, helicopters and state security services.

Source: Guardian


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