Italian senators postpone decision on the fate of the government

Italian senators postpone decision on the fate of the government italian senators postpone decision on the fate of the government

Italy's Senate on Tuesday rejected a call by far-right extremist Matteo Salvini to quickly vote no-confidence in Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte's government and decided instead to allow Conte to address the Senate on the crisis on August 20.

The interior minister, leader of the anti-immigration League, Salvini, asked for a no-confidence vote after his withdrawal from the coalition last week, but the majority of senators from former coalition partners and the opposition rejected the request.

The Senate was summoned at the height of the holiday season after the leaders of the political caucuses on Monday failed to agree on a timetable for a no-confidence vote demanded by Salvini.

Salvini last week called for urgent elections after his party pulled out of the anti-institutional Alliance of Five Stars, plunging the country into crisis, and although the government remains in place, the Senate was called on to decide whether to vote on a no-confidence vote. Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, an independent approved by backward vice president Salvini and leader of "Five Star" Luigi Di Mayo last year.

The Senate decision was expected, with the five-star movement and the opposition Democratic Party having enough votes to thwart Salvini's attempt to overthrow the government.

Salvini wants to press for a no-confidence motion against the Conte government by August 20 and impose early elections in the fall, betting on opinion polls giving him 36-38% of the vote's intentions, which were reversed in the spring of 2018 when Five Star Movement expects 32% of the vote to 18% for the association.

Populist leader Salvini effectively ended the ruling coalition last Thursday, saying he did not want to continue working with the Five Star Movement because of its refusal to cooperate on key issues. Both parties have seen a dramatic drop in popular support since the formation of the government after the Five-Star Party won more than 32% of the vote and the League with 17 votes in 2018.

Salvini, who loves social networking sites, promotes himself as a "man of the people" through a series of selfies on the beach in bathing suits, and seeks to capitalize on the strong results achieved by the "League" in the European Parliament elections when he got 34% of Votes, twice as many as the five-star movement.
However, the movement opposes urgent elections, and its leader de Mayo has called on parliament to first implement planned parliamentary reforms that will reduce the number of deputies from 950 to 605, which will weaken the strength of the NLD.

The "five-star" movement and other parties can support a transitional government to pass parliamentary reforms and next year's budget, to avoid an automatic rise in value-added tax that affected the largely underserved class.

However, the Democratic Party suffers from a lot of divisions between loyalist Matteo Renzi, who took office from February 2014 to December 2016, who is still a leader of the Democratic Party, and supporters of the current leader of the party, Nicolas Zingariti, amid talk of the division of the party.

The Democratic Party and the "Five Star" movement are divided over forming an improvisational alliance with each other, which the Democratic Party rejects after last May's elections, leading to an alliance between the "Five Stars" and "League".

"No one wants to sit at the table with Renzi," de Mayo said, and Salvini is also seeking alliances both in the Senate and for possible elections with the Forza Italia party of former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi and the Fratelli Ditalia party of Georgia. Melony.

Although the two parties could get between 6 and 8 percent of the vote in the elections, they will not be able to provide enough support in the Senate. The three right-wing parties have 137 of the 315 Senate seats, while the Five-Star Movement has The Democratic Party together has 158 votes.

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