Israeli channel: Khamenei's grandson secretly met with an American delegation at a hotel inhabited by Saudi officials

israeli channel: khamenei's grandson secretly met with an american delegation at a hotel inhabited by saudi officials

The Israeli i24news channel spoke on the basis of private sources of a series of "secret" meetings recently held between an Iranian delegation headed by the grandson of Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and US officials.

The sources, described by the Israeli channel in secret that the negotiations between the parties took place in a hotel in the capital of the Kurdistan region of Iraq Erbil, noting that a delegation of Saudi officials was staying in the hotel before being transferred to another place, away from the place of negotiation.

The Iranian delegation included Hassan Khamenei, leaders of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, Iranian ambassador to Iraq Arag Masjedi, and other personalities.

The sources, according to i24news, were unable to obtain further details about the negotiations and any information about their results. The Israeli channel indicated that Iran had contacted the Kurdish opposition parties in Iraq in talks that were still "useless".

Tension between the United States and Iran since May has escalated sharply after the shooting of an American reconnaissance plane on June 20, which Tehran said was dropped after penetrating Iranian airspace while Washington insisted it was flying over international waters.

US President Donald Trump, after his country withdrew from the nuclear deal with Iran and imposed tough economic sanctions, said it was ready to negotiate with the Islamic Republic "when it is ready for it". Both Khamenei and Iranian President Hassan Rowhani refused to negotiate before the sanctions were lifted.

Source: i24news + Agencies

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