Israel reiterates its attempt to reach the moon

israel reiterates its attempt to reach the moon

After the failure of its first probe to land on the moon, Israel is developing a new probe to realize its dream of reaching this important celestial neighbor.

"The program that launched the first Brishit vehicle into the moon is ready to launch a new vehicle in two years, with the support of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu," said Space TV founder Morris Kahan.

"After all the support we got, we decided to build a new spacecraft (Prishit 2) and put it on the moon," the official said. "We did not get to the moon in the first attempt, but we tried, , And we complete the task. "

Israel has since launched the "Prishit" vehicle towards the moon, to be the first vehicles to land on the surface, but the vehicle crashed minutes before trying to land there, because of technical problems hit.

"We have reached the moon, but we will try again, we want a safe landing, and the attempt itself is a huge achievement," said Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who was following the landing.

Source: Sputnik

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