Ismail Youssef: Arrangements for the contract with Abdullah Saeed lasted 4 months .. And Fathi stuck Ahli

Ismail Youssef

Ismail Youssef, a member of Zamalek's board of directors, confirmed that he did not hesitate to leave the field of training for the White Citadel, pointing out that he discovered that the player's tasks are easier in the field than management.

"My relationship with Prince Mourtada, the supervisor of Zamalek's football sector, started before I entered the administration of the ovaries. He helped me a lot in organizing the sector in the club before being seen in the picture," Ismail said in a television interview with On sport.

He added: "The mental harmony between us is better than Ahmed Mortada, and there is no (nephew) as it is said, is like my son."

Abizaid: "It was between us as an administration to be different from the previous seasons, and we agreed on the confidentiality of transactions, and agreed that the deal Abdullah Saeed knows no one.

"The arrangements with Abdullah Al-Saeed continued for four months before the announcement, until things were done and the player was wearing the white shirt."

"We have sat four times with him, he is a very distinguished player, and the team would have benefited from him technically, besides we sought to keep him away from the traditional national rivals, and I hope to join him in the coming period."

"Ahmed Fathi stuck to Ahli during our negotiations with him."

Zamalek goalkeeper Ahmed El-Shennawi said: "He is a great goalkeeper but there is a difficulty in his return because his association with the club is not like other players."

"Cristian Gross is an excellent coach and he works in a good environment. In my view, the foreign coach is the best for the big teams and the team. The war on the club is always burning against the foreign coach."

"We thank Turki Al-Sheikh, the owner of Pyramids, because he supported Zamalek very much and contributed to changing the quality of the players."

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