Irina Chayk is elegant during her party in New York

The Arabs Today - Irina Shaik is stylish while attending a party in New York

She made sure the Russian fashion model Irina Shayk With the start of the awards season at the beginning of 2019, to complete its busy schedule in order to be along with her beloved global actor Bradley Cooper In support of him, note that the ticket to these concerts is his film produced and represented alongside Lady Gaga, A Star Is Born.

At the National Board of Review, which took place Tuesday night in New York State, Irina Shaik used her fashion experience, dressed in an elegant and modern look. She was dressed in a red, ivory dress that reached the top of the knee and was marked by a chest opening Deep, was chosen by Shaik from Versace House and its price reached 2010 pounds sterling.

The fashion model, in a daring move of its kind, dressed in a hooded hat that matched the design of the dress, wore a high-necked black leather waistcoat designed by Harley, and as a typical actor, Bradley Cooper did not disappoint the public with his elegant appearance, , Wearing a three-piece suit consisting of trousers, blazers and jerseys, came in gray and spotted design, and completed his appearance by wearing a black Oxford shoe.

Cooper won the Best Director award at the National Board of Review Awards for his self-directed A Star Is Born, while his friend and actress Lady Gaga won the Best Actress Award.

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Irina Chayk has an attractive and elegant look in New York

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